Downrogue formerly Top Deck Hero

A game by Kyle Pittleman @KurlyGames

Can you reach the end of the dungeon? Use your abilities to slay monsters and get stronger powers in this mobile roguelike. The dungeons and monsters will be different each time you play! Be careful though, when you die you have to start all over again.

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-Everything is controlled with the mouse.

-Click on a blue square to move to that square. Each square moved costs 1 Action.

-Click on an enemy to use your Auto-Attack ability. Auto Attack deals 1 damage and costs 1 Action. 

-Use abilities by clicking on the ability button, then your target. All abilities cost Mana and 1 Action.

-Your turn ends when you are out of Actions.

-You gain 1 Mana at the start of your turn.

-Defeating monsters gives you gold and possibly new abilities.

-Collect sparks to unlocked the door to the next floor.

-Use gold at shops (Yellow fissures) to buy new abilities.

-UI Key-

Green bar: Your Health (10 Starting)

Blue bar: Your Mana (2 Starting)

Orange bar: Your Actions (2 Starting)

Yellow circle: Your Gold (0 Starting)

Squares at the bottom: Your Abilities

Blue square on abilities: Mana cost

StatusIn development
Made withUnity