A game by Kyle Pittleman

Use your deck of cards to slay monsters, collect more cards, and dive deep into the dungeon in this deckbuilding roguelike. The dungeons and monsters will be different each time you play! Be careful though, when you die you have to start all over again.


-Everything is controled with the mouse

-Select your hero and click on a tile to move around the dungeon.

-Drag your cards into the middle of the screen to play them.

-Hover over a card or a monster to learn more about it.

-When you are out of move/things to play, press the [End Turn] button.

-WARRIOR- HP: 10 - Energy: 2 - Hand Size: 2 - Deck Size: 5

-ROGUE- HP: 15 - Energy: 3 - Hand Size: 3 - Deck Size: 10

-WARRIOR- HP: 20 - Energy: 4 - Hand Size: 4 - Deck Size: 15


- Move and AP have been combined into "Energy"

- Player turn ends when they have 0 Energy

- Movement is done by clicking on a blue square

- Attack cards are used by dragging the card over the target

- Self cards are used by dragging the card into the play zone

- You can attack an enemy for 1 damage by clicking on the enemy in melee range (Costs 1 energy)

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Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development